#ElectionDerby was designed and developed by 4DX Games

Welcome to the 4DX Media Election Derby 2015 #ElectionDerby

What if the election race was decided by tweet sentiment for the 7 major political parties in the forthcoming General Election? Well now you can help us find out by joining us at the Election ‘Donkey’ Derby 2015.

Gather your work colleges, place your bets and press the big red start race button… And they’re off!

Who will win? Twitter will decide.

Update: Keep checking back throughout the week for updates and stats leading up to the big race on 7th may 2015.

About the Game

#ElectionDerby was designed and developed by our Game Development department 4DX Games. It utilises the Twitter API to measure sentiment and reports positive tweets via a JSON feed, the game then interprets this into horizontal movement. Think of it as a live interactive graph that visualises tweet data in a fun and sharable game.

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