In our previous post we talked about the ubiquity of games and how the demographic of people who play games is so widespread that there is virtually no target market that cannot be hit with a game.

But it’s not all about demographics. Here are 3 reasons why it’s a good idea to use a game to promote a brand.


High Engagement & Conversion Rate


Posts on social media, even for big successful pages still regularly achieve engagement rates lower than 10%. However games regularly have an average engagement rate of 86% to 90%. If you apply that to a game you are using to promote a brand then that same number applies to brand engagement. Due to the very medium of games brand engagement is successfully achieved simply by the act of the user actually playing the game.

Games are also unique in that although they can be used to promote a brand they are not infact an advertisement. Therefore it is more likely that your audience will be willing to participate. Incorporating competitions or promotions can also turn that high engagement into a high conversion rate, converting players of your game into customers.    


Social Media Friendly


Social features are common place in games. Not only are users used to the idea of sharing on social from a game but they are also likely to actually want to do it. The competitive nature of sharing your score is something that people find compelling.

Even if the player isn’t directly competing with a friend if they have beaten their own personal best, high score or beaten a really hard boss fight they are still likely to share just to show off to their friends. This allows you to get your marketing message out to your audience whilst also expanding your audience via the player’s friends.


Fun Factor

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Potentially the most appealing thing about a game is that games are fun and enjoyable. They don’t feel like a piece of marketing and to most people playing a game is a great way to pass the time. A player having fun whilst interacting with your brand in a game will make them want to find out more about your company and they get to enjoy themselves in the process.

All in all using a game to promote your brand suits the more modern permission based customer led approach to marketing that pulls your audience in via great content instead of reaching out into the ether. Creating a fun and engaging experience will make people want to interact with you and also greatly increase repeat / regular users and connecting to social allows for huge potentials in audience growth when combined with the right campaign.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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