Content Marketing…what does it mean? Does it mean having a blog that makes money? Or, is it about endlessly producing content one article a day because search engines love that?

The simple answer is no, it’s none of the above, content marketing is much more diverse than that.

The whole idea behind content marketing is to use creativity and technical know-how to make something really cool and awesome, then take that really awesome cool thing and use it to market a product or service.

This is achieved by people sharing the ‘cool content’ which amplifies how many people see it, re-share it, link to it and talk about it. If executed correctly, you can quickly amass hundreds of thousands of people looking at your brand, increasing your website traffic and bringing many SEO benefits through social shares and inbound links.

Infographic Design

An infographic makes data easier to understand. People love data, but love looking at spreadsheets a little less so. Visualising data, facts and figures is a great way to create a piece of content that could get your brand featured on websites with huge amounts of traffic such as Mashable. They are a great way to leverage boring content by giving it a fresh spin that’s infinitely more shareable and most importantly (by using an embed code) can generate links to your website.

Talk to us about making infographics part of your SEO and Marketing strategy today. Whether your a brand or an agency looking for some outside help, ZX Digital will be glad to help.

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Social Media Campaigns & Competitions

Running a competition through a social media campaign is a great way to build your followers and likes whilst growing your customer base. We’ve got bags of experience running successful competitions and can advise on the prize level that will get you the most exposure.

Combine this with our HTML5 game dev know-how and we can create quizzes, puzzles, recommend a friend campaigns the possibilities are endless.

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HTML5 Games

Whether we’re gameifying SEO best practices like in Donkey Cutts or are increasing time spent on Dominos blog with Wild West Wondershot. One things for sure, games are the single best form of creative content out there. No other form of creative content gives you as many hidden benefits to your brand. For more information about our games or to find out how a game can benefit your company click here.

Get creative with your content

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