Digital Marketing & SEO working together to get results

If there’s anything that makes us stand out from traditional full service agencies, it’s that SEO is integral to every single thing we do from design & development, social, outreach, games,  everything – it’s in our DNA.

SEO should never be isolated, it should be fully integrated with every other aspect of your marketing. So in order to win at SEO, first you must totally forget about SEO and learn to give google what it wants – the right signals across the full digital spectrum!

The key to marketing your company in 2015 and beyond is to create a buzz around your business, make people love you, forget Google. Creating an awesome website and awesome content on it’s own isn’t enough. If someone loves you and your product or service you need to give them every opportunity to tell the world about it. It’s not rocket science but it does take a fresh set of eyes to help you spot these pockets of gold which are 9 times out of 10 in plain sight.

Thats where we come in. Understanding your business and scrutinising your competitors is the first important step of every campaign. During our research we will analyse your business objectives and your main competitors. We will then look at their performance (and traffic sources) to identify where you stand and more importantly spot any obvious opportunities to give your business the edge. We’ll create a bespoke plan for your business which includes:-

  • Kick off meeting
  • SEO Investigation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement on your website to optimise for mobile SEO, social channels, offline marketing
  • Digital marketing plan and roadmap for design, content creation, outreach and future link building strategy
  • Social Media Strategy

Let’s give Google what it wants

You see what google really wants is to mimic the real world in looking at ways it can recommend good businesses the way you or I would recommend a business to a trusted friend. If you do a good job and leave a really good breadcrumb trail of positive ranking signals for google to easily pick up then you’ll ultimately win. It’s a case of the tortoise and the hare, yes you can spend money on quick wins such as PPC or dabble in the arts of ‘black hat’ SEO (fighting an endless battle that ultimately you’ll lose) but wouldn’t you rather concentrate on a sound long term plan that will steadily gain traction over time and not have to worry each day about whether google will penalise your site and reduce your rankings.

For more information on our SEO Services check out our dedicated page or talk to us about our consultancy service which encompasses every aspect of our agency – we can’t wait to make a measurable difference to your business.

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