Donkey Cutts is a gamification of SEO best practices. Learn while having fun. It also generated a ton of links and social media attention in the process.

Linkbait for the SEO community

SEO is tough especially when you are in a highly competitive industry such as, operated by ZX Digital neededed a way to increase our link diversity due to several negative SEO attacks and a pretty big Penguin issue. So we took our knowledge of SEO and turned it into a game. Here’s a sample of the attention it received:-

Let’s work together

If you have an affiliate scheme in place then talk to us about the possibility of collaborating.

There were multiple objectives for the project:

  • To increase direct traffic to
  • To create social links and shares by ego baiting several high profile SEOs.
  • To gain new links and improve link profile diversity.
  • To increase engagement and time spent on website.

Huge success

  • Donkey Cutts went viral within 1 hour of going live.
  • It has received over 1,000 social shares via Facebook, Twitter & Google+.
  • It generated over 200 links from 75+ root domains (source Ahrefs)
  • Increased time on page by over 3x increasing our site average as a whole.

We created a sequel!

Once you have mastered Donkey Cutts see if you can beat the sequel…