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We are ZX Digital we’re passionate about
creating awesome games for brands and gamers.
Find out how an Advergame can help expand your audience.

We Develop Games & Apps

ZX Digital is a video game developer based in Fleetwood in the North West of England. Our games are available for desktop, HTML5 browsers, Facebook, tablets & smartphones for iOS and Android operating systems.


Weasel Woodpecker Jump on Woodpeckers back and see how
far you can fly - Weasels Away!


Super space meltdown Learn, Die, Repeat... Super Space Meltdown is a top down strategic shooter with one click line of sight mechanics.


The Falling Dead Just you, 10 weapons and an endless supply
of multi-coloured Zombies to kill!


Our Story

At ZX Digital we all share a love of video games. Every single member of the team is passionate about what they do, dedicated to crafting playful, smart, addictively fun experiences. By creating games that we enjoy making and playing our hope is that you will love them too.

Based in the creative North West of England our team is made up of seasoned designers, developers, musicians, SEO’s and affiliate marketers which enables us to create awesome viral games across a wide range media and devices. We would love to make you part of our future success, so drop us a line and we’ll create something special together.

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“The game is fantastic quality and is a fun addition to our blog which has improved engagement statistics and had great feedback from our customers.”

Dominos – Wild West Wondershot

We also make games for Brands

If you’re looking to increase engagement, build loyalty, go viral, be more sticky and compelling (and let’s face it which brand doesn’t) then advergames are the perfect solution. And with a whole host of hidden benefits they are the ultimate digital asset for content marketers and digital agencies alike.

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Dominos Wild West Wondershot Wild West Wondershot rewards Dominos customers
with discount voucher codes for completing score streaks.


Donkey Cutts Donkey Cutts is a gamification of SEO best practices. Learn while having fun. It also generated a ton of links and social media attention in the process.


Every angle covered

Games can be built to accommodate a wide range of devices playable in HTML5 browsers, Facebook canvas apps, desktop apps for PC, Mac & Linux. We can also deploy to Smartphones, Tablets and TV’s via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Hidden Benefits of viral games

Not only do games allow you to reach new markets they have many hidden benefits that can work wonders for your SEO. They attract links, social shares, increase time on site, encourage repeat visitors – everything Google is looking for from todays top websites.

Partner with us

Whether you are an Advertising, Marketing or SEO Agency we would love to partner with you. Think of us as your in-house game development department; a partner who can take your campaigns to the next level.


It’s Game Over for boring digital content – Let’s Play!

Talk to us about how we can level up your digital content creation and set a new high score for your brand or clients. 
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