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Creating addictive online games and apps is what we love most. Our bespoke games are designed around your businesses campaign objectives. Taking time to understand your business and your target audience ensures that we deliver a digital asset that turbo charges any digital marketing campaign making them an essential part of your marketing mix. Not only that, but games can also open up your brand to whole new markets & demographics. Furthermore they can even drive incremental sales with the use of our industry first voucher code reward game mechanic.

Games can deliver:-

  • Brand awareness
  • Measurable Engagement
  • Customer acquisition
  • Product promotion
  • Direct sales
  • Data Capture
  • Social likes and shares
  • Web traffic
  • Increased time on site
  • Repeat website visitors
  • Natural backlinks to support your SEO
  • And lot’s and lot’s of pure joy and fun!


Desktop, mobile & tablet ready

Users play games on an ever increasing range of devices and platforms. All of our games can be deployed on desktop HTML5 browsers, Facebook, mobile and tablet devices including iOS, Windows Phone & Android.

If you want an engaging and fun game to promote your brand to worldwide audiences that meets your specific objectives then please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

We can deploy your game to as many platforms as you wish and are always on hand to offer advice on the best strategy that suits your business.

There are over 4.5 billion app downloads every month via Google Play & Apple’s App Store. People are spending on average 2 hours 42 mins on mobile devices and 32% of this time is spent playing games. Branded games give you a simple way to gain access to this huge market. Ensuring your game is great to play is essential, we closely monitor market trends and are able to react quickly giving your game the edge.

Our apps and games are submitted to the majority of popular app stores. We can even help with ideas on how to market your new game to industry press, bloggers and youtubers as well as create cost effective CPI (cost per install) campaigns on a variety of platforms (iAD, Admob, Chartboost & Facebook to name a few).

Check out our titles and if you have fun then consider how great we can make a game for you.

Social gaming (Facebook games)

Our talented team bring to the table a whole wealth of additional knowledge from our Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing backgrounds. Strategies are designed into your game to create viral loops (challenge your friends, turn based gaming) and social proof (friend leaderboards) which ultimately leads to measurable ‘word of mouth’, referral and acquisition activity.

For a no obligation chat give us a call.

Let’s talk about your game

Despite what you might think getting a custom branded web game made doesn’t have to cost a fortune, plus we’re happy to work within realistic budgets and can advise what’s possible within your particular budget.

Call us for a no obligation chat about your project on 01253 777155 or fill in our contact form below…

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Time spent on iOS & Android

Time spent in Apps

Time spent browsing the internet

How that breaks down…


Browsing web

Social media



Utilities & Productivity



Case Studies


Dominos Wild West Wondershot Wild West Wondershot rewards Dominos customers
with discount voucher codes for completing score streaks.


Donkey Cutts Donkey Cutts is a gamification of SEO best practices. Learn while having fun. It also generated a ton of links and social media attention in the process.