Music and Sound for Hire

We offer bespoke music and soundtracks for games.

Make your brand and game more memorable and enjoyable than ever with bespoke original compositions made to enhance your design.

Sometimes when making a game the most important thing that can also be difficult to achieve is… the vibe. The feel. That atmosphere you can’t quite put your finger on but you know you want to achieve and all you can really decipher is when its not quite there.

The right music can be the most powerful tool in a creators arsenal in this situation. As soon as you have that unique piece of music that perfectly captures the emotion and atmosphere you wanted your game to have everything falls into place and all of a sudden the game feels exactly the way you wanted it to.

Bespoke and catchy music that users are hearing for the first time when they play your game also help define your games identity and overall can make the end users experience much more memorable and unique.

Whether its something fun and catchy deep and touching or maybe even truly terrifying a piece of music composed precisely to your design can make those stand out moments in your game have more impact than ever.

What we offer

Bespoke compositions created to as specific a brief as you desire or if you don’t want to write a brief and just want us to capture a specific emotion or feeling or anything else then we can do that to.

  • Increased brand identity
  • Background loops
  • Menu loops
  • Main themes
  • Theme Tunes
  • Music for Promotional Material
  • Time and/or length specific loops and compositions
  • Sound design/Sound Effects for games and/or promotional material
  • Key (pitch) specific compositions – if you need a composition that is in tune with a specific sound or existing piece of music then we can do that to.

We don’t resell any music composed for bespoke commissions to protect your own unique brand identity.

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