Ranking in Google is the lifeblood of many businesses. It’s a cut throat, dog eat dog world out there so it pays to have an SEO strategy in place, whether that’s to protect your business or improve your current rankings we can show you a form of SEO that’s safe and actually works.

A lot gets written about black hat SEO tactics that game Google and whilst you might well benefit in the short term from these tactics you will get punished it just a matter of when you will get caught. How do we know? Through learning the hard way, over the years we’ve spent 100’s of thousands of pounds on SEO and have ultimately felt let down by a lack of creativity and the links we earned.

So we decided to bring all of our SEO efforts in house and have devised a form of SEO that really does work and just takes looking at things a little differently by incorporating it into every facet of your business. We believe that SEO should be in the fabric of your business it should be considered at every step of your customer journey, it’s not easy (that’s where we come in) and it does take time but the results speak for themselves and will give your business a rock solid platform that increases business year in year out.

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Our advice is invaluable, gathered from years of experience fighting google algorithm updates and the hard lessons we learned from poor service from some of the UK’s so-called best SEO agencies.

SEO Audit & Plan implementation

Once we’re working together we’ll don our SEO detective hats, roll up our sleeves and delve into your website. Rooting out any errors that need fixing, suggesting improvements if we feel they are warranted and tweak your HTML source code to get your website fighting fit and ready for action, just think of it as a thorough MOT and service for your site. We’ll look at site speed, mobile optimisation, social media integration (so when someone shares your stuff it looks good), header content, internal site architecture and how link juice flows around your website.

We’ll then look at who’s actually linking to you, see who’s not and who should be and devise plan to gain new links and buzz around your brand building mentions, citations and weave in marketing tactics and make your customers LOVE YOU. We then monitoring the results and report back to you at regular intervals guiding you at every step.

PPC Paid Search ad campaign management

Tell us your desired keywords and we’ll get you maximum exposure for a fixed rolling-monthly fee. PPC is the perfect way to get results fast so tell us what you’re happy to pay and we will do the rest making it a hassle free form of generating new business. All this without a long term contract, a real win win for your business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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