Storage Tycoon

Trade your way to the top & win the ultimate auction wars. Storage Tycoon is a Free-to-Play storage unit auction collectables game.

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About the game

ZX Digital announces – Storage Tycoon, a Free-to-Play Facebook, iOS & Android game which is launching Fall 2015.

Starting with $500 in your pocket you travel America visiting storage unit auctions, hunting for rare collectibles, whilst selling what you find to make enough money to visit more auctions. Buy low, sell high and uncover hidden collectible treasures that can be sold in an open market.

Storage Tycoon will be hosting a private beta in Fall 2015 and is strictly limited. If you would like to help us shape the game and benefit from a host of beta tester benefits simply tell us your email in the box above.

The final product will feature

  • Travel to auctions in 8 un-lockable cities
  • Rare Collectibles – Collect, Trade, Auction and Sell. Collect everything from antiques to works of art. Can you find every auctions secret storage unit?
  • Use dirty tactics to win at auction, bid up your rivals – but be careful you could go broke.
  • Manage shops, build bigger storage depots, build your staff, hire experts to get the best price for the treasures you unearth.
  • Upgrade your fleet of vehicles, move more stuff, win more bins!
  • Worldwide Leaderboards, who is the number 1 Storage Tycoon.

Please help support the game:-

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Screenshots & Assets

Press Contact

John Stirzaker
Creative Director @ 4DX games
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Email: john.stirzaker[at]