Super Space Meltdown

Learn, Die, Repeat… Super Space Meltdown is a Top Down Strategic Sci-fi Shooter with clicker mechanics.

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About the game

Super Space Meltdown, a fast paced top down strategy shooter (TDSS) with one click line of sight mechanics.

You are Sgt. Alex Cutter a lone wolf Space Trooper sent into deep space. Your mission, to rid the galaxy of every last species of alien scum with your big ass plasma rifle, and you’ve got just 60 seconds to do it before the whole space station goes into meltdown.

Time is both your enemy and your friend in an endless maze of space station levels. Get the drop on alien patrol patterns, use stealth to flank them and unleash hell with a click of your big ass plasma rifle. Delve ever deeper, learn your enemy while levelling up your weapons each time you play. Learn, Die, Repeat, can you ever master Super Space Meltdown?

Super Space Meltdown is available now for PC and is available for download on Steam

iOs & Android release coming soon.

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John Stirzaker
Creative Director @ ZX Digital
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Tel: +441253 777155
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