Thrusty Bird

Fly into an endless asteroid field. A never ending space adventure awaits daring pilots of the spacecraft Astro Bird.

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About the game

ZX Digital brings you – Thrusty Bird, an endless thrusting space ship flying adventure with simple controll mechanics with a hardcore difficulty level.

Use your thrusty thrusters to carefully guide your ship through a rock hard asteroid belt collecting stars, avoiding collision – but beware this challenge is only for the most skilled astronauts.


  • Tap your Astro Bird to fly or hold to engage your jetpack thrusters!
  • Dodge giant asteroids and reach for the stars
  • Endless hours of randomly generated gameplay
  • Collect stars to power up your spacecraft, challenge your friends to beat your high score
  • Catchy Soundtrack
  • Simple Controls
  • Retina Graphics
  • Addictive one more go gameplay
  • Randomly generated level design with great difficulty curve

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Press Contact

John Stirzaker
Creative Director @ ZX Digital
Mob: +447590 282849
Tel: +441253 777155
Email: john.stirzaker[at]

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