Weasel Woodpecker

Jump on Woodpeckers back and see how far you can fly – Weasels Away!

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About the game

Weasel Woodpecker a game about jumping on woodpeckers with a weasel and seeing how far you can fly.

Weasel Woodpecker is inspired by the greatest photograph taken of all time and lets you experience the awesomeness of landing a weasel on a woodpeckers back and soaring across the skies on your smartphone or tablet device. It’s totally free so download it today!

  • Jump onto the back of a Woodpecker in flight – easy yeah?
  • Fly, swoop and soar collecting acorns to increase your score
  • Time your Woodpecker dismount and land Weasel on dry land to complete the level.
  • See how far you can fly your #weaselpecker and challenge your friends to beat your score.


  • Randomly generated level design with challenging gameplay mechanics
  • Catchy Soundtrack
  • Simple to control, difficult to master
  • HD Graphics
  • Play as Weasel & Woodpecker in one game
  • Inspired by the photo of a weasel riding on a woodpeckers back
  • Completed in less than 3 days whilst taking a break from Voucher Codes The Game for NetVoucherCodes.co.uk

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Press Contact

John Stirzaker
Creative Director @ ZX Digital
Mob: +447590 282849
Tel: +441253 777155
Email: john.stirzaker[at]zxdigital.co.uk

Useful Links

Website: weaselwoodpeckergame.com